Bee Pollination Garden

A project to provide an on-campus pollination garden for bees.

This project has already been funded and is nearing completion. Some help may be required in the final stages of construction, as well as with the educational signage. Contact us if you’re keen to get involved!

Project: ANU Bee Pollination Garden and Signage
Summary: A project to provide an on-campus pollination garden for bees (including native Australian species), as well as educational signage explaining the garden and the role of bees in the ecosystem.
Timeline: Work is already underway. No final timeline has been offered but construction and signage should be completed in the new year.


Goals and Benefits:

  • Provides a permanent space on campus for native bees to pollinate. Yay!
  • The garden can also be used to educate people about bee’s role in the ecosystem, and especially to educate them about native species. Did you know they don’t sting?!


A project proposal was relayed to the collective last year, who supported it and approved funding. The idea is relatively simple: create a garden, and then add some signs explaining it and the bees. Since the project was approved some work has been completed. Details on this will be relayed here as soon as possible!


$800 was required for the garden and educational signs. Funding for this project is likely to come out of the 2019 budget, given no expenses have been reimbursed yet. Approval from the previous year is considered to carry over.

Getting Involved:

Previous working groups have been advertised on Facebook. To stay in touch regarding the project contact us!