Researching our own history

Honouring our roots.

A project to research the Environment Collective’s extensive history. 

At this stage, the project is merely an idea. It needs student leadership to get off the ground. You can help by getting in contact with us. We can help you set up an online working group on Facebook and/or Slack, encourage others to get involved, and provide any other support you might need!

Project: Honouring our Roots: Researching the Environment Collective’s history. 
Summary: A project to research, archive, and celebrate the history of the ANU Environment Collective, and student activism more broadly. 
Timeline: Various attempts have been made in the last few decades to document the collective’s history. Collating that and finding other important documents could take some time, so there is no timeline for when something might be delivered yet.


Goals and Benefits:

The goal is to preserve our history and our heritage, to honour past collective’s efforts, to educate members about our past, and to use this knowledge to maintain a connection with our values, traditions, and partnerships.

This could serve as a resource when educating members and others about who we are. Part of that includes our history, which shouldn’t be forgotten.

The collective can benefit from this knowledge by using it to identify the historical importance of current partners and allies, and to identify past relationships that could be rekindled!


At first, we can investigate ways to collate the information already out there online and in personal records. Then we can look to official and institutional records. We may be able to get the help of history experts along the way!


The project should be low or zero-cost for the foreseeable future, assuming most of the early work is done on a volunteer basis.

Getting Involved:

At this stage, the project is merely an idea. It needs student leadership to get off the ground. Once it gets going, check back here for more information on how to help!