Promoting Sustainability at ANU

There are many ways to get involved with our ANU-related initiatives. Check out the individual project pages or contact us!

As a peak advocacy body for the environment and sustainability, we are involved in a range of initiatives at ANU, including working and collaborating with ANUSA, PARSA, and ANU organizations. This project page serves as a launching point for several standalone projects, as well as outlining other aspects of our work in promoting sustainability at ANU.

Standalone projects

Other Projects:

Creating physical spaces on campus to promote sustainability

Project: Using BKSS as a physical hub for sustainability
Summary: The Brian Kenyon Student Space is a central student space usually located near ANUSA and PARSA offices. It’s located has changed over the years but it always remains a space for students to access a range of services, host events, and just chill out. Members of ANUSA are interested in promoting this space as a physical hub for sustainability initiatives too.
Timeline: Sometime in the new year it should become clearer what the possibilities are for using the BKSS space in Kambri. From there we can start working groups in the new and collaborate with ANUSA to see what’s possible!
Goals and Benefits: A physical space in BKSS provides us a platform to educate students, run campaigns, advertise the collective and other groups, and otherwise promote the environment and sustainability. It may be possible, for example, to set up a “stall” with physical resources, advertising, and other information for students passing through BKSS.
Methods: Exact details of what’s possible will determine how we proceed. Once construction is complete we can plan more formally.
Funding: The collective could fund a stall (printing costs for resources, mostly), perhaps in collaboration with other departments.
Getting Involved: Once this project launches, we’ll be seeking ideas about ways to use this space, but feel free to contact us in the meantime!
Getting involved: There should be more information on how to get involved once Kambri is completed. Check back soon!

Student Sustainability Groups List

Project: Create a document that lists key information about a range of student organizations operating on campus to promote sustainability. Summary: Before the Sustainability Hub can fill this knowledge gap on a more permanent basis, a list of all ANU student organizations related to sustainability can be a useful resource for students and others. A prototype version was made in 2018 and can be updated for the new year.
Timeline: An updated version should be available for promotion during O-Week.
Goals and Benefits: Incoming students and others not familiar with the landscape will benefit from an introductory guide, showing the breadth of organizations out there. Similarly, those organizations can benefit from increased awareness.
Methods: Updating and reformatting the old document won’t take too long. It could be reassembled in Canva or similar to make it more visually appealing than an MS Word document, although we can produce the guide in both formats for accessibility.
Funding: A digital guide is cheap and easy to create, it shouldn’t incur any costs at this stage.
Getting Involved: This project is currently being undertaken by the Officer (Nick). Help is encouraged and welcome. Contact us if you can help or reach out to him directly.